Jewelry Machinery and Technology

T.Evolution - Jewelry Machinery and Technology is the appointment with technology at Vicenzaoro September: a dedicated area featuring companies that design, produce and sell machinery and tools, for the goldsmith industry, with a high level of technology and with a particular focus on 3D printing.

Some of the most important suppliers of technology, machinery and processing in the field of jewelry processing with digital technologies exhibit within T.Evolution – Jewelry Machinery and Technology.

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with authoritative technical partners, such as the Centro Produttività Veneto, each edition of T. Evolution address a specific theme of particular interest and usefulness for operators in the sector.

Fov by LEGOR

FOV is Legor Group S.p.A. tools and consumables business for the jewelry sector, supporting artisans and industry operators throughout the process of a jewel or a metal item making. FOV has dedicated its selection of products to the following stages of this process: model-making, casting or lost-wax casting, artisanal casting on mould, mechanical deformation of sheets or metal profiles through hand tools, benchtop workings, manual or mechanical finishing; deoxidation and washing, plating and deposit of epoxy lacquers, jewelry cosmetics and measurement and analysis of the most common physical sizes.


Sisma is a worldwide reference in designing and producing high precision machinery and laser systems. Established in 1961, Sisma can count on a long time experience over more than 130 models of jewellery chain making machines. Today at the forefront in the development of laser systems, Sisma has been able to extend its know-how to marking, welding, cutting, engraving and additive manufacturing. Innovative by vocation, Sisma combines a cutting edge and independent production organization with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing top product quality and a prompt response to market needs.


Obe Italia was founded in 1996 as the Italian branch of the OBE Gmbh Group, a family-owned company which is considered one of the world-wide leaders in the production of precision components for the eyewear industry. At the beginning the company was only a metal components supplier for the eyewear segment but then we have opened also to other fields like jewellery, watches, automotive, mobiles, furniture, aeronautics, mechanics, fashion. Thanks to the partnership with two German Companies, the first one leader in the production of MIM components (Mimplus Technologies Gmbh & Co KG – a company owned by OBE Gmbh) and the second one in the production of die casting components (DecoGuss Gmbh), we have opened also to other productive fields in order to offer totally customized products.


For 30 years in Vaenza Goldsmith’s equipment industry. Our machineries come from experience acquired working closely with the leading names of the Valencian jewellery, machinery and advanced devices, indispensable both for the artisan goldsmith and for the precision mechanics industry. Our clients suggestions are invaluable in the search for solutions to improve and optimize production and the quality of artifacts. We care, first and foremost, to study the particular needs of the customer as well as recommend a purchase that will remain valid over the years. We guarantee a rapid and effective costumer care service with a technical staff that can provide all the explanations necessary.


Taumac is a newly established company with experienced staff in automation and laser applications. The focus of his business is the customer, to provide high quality services: customized products, consulting, pre-sales and after-sales activities. Experienced and well-trained technicians with over thirty years of experience in the automation field and a twenty-year experience in laser applications are ready to analyze production and technical issues.

Bailo Aldo e Figli

Bailo designs and manufactures entirely more than 120 models of machines and equipment for goldsmiths, silversmiths and watchmaking factories with the aid of cutting-edge production techniques. The company bases its success on the highest production quality, on the valuable service before and after sales and on the excellent quality-price ratio. Bailo's business is divided into three main branches: production of machinery and tools for the jeweller’s field, distribution by wholesale and retail of all the expendable materials, tools and accessories for goldsmiths, silversmiths and watchmakers, for the small shops either than for the bigger and most exclusive jewellery, and retail-sale into the showroom for all the range of their products.

F.lli Pelusi

F.lli Pelusi was born and it is the result of five decades of dedication and passion for the goldsmith sector by Antonio Pelusi, who works alongside his goldsmith clients with commitment, care and professional loyalty. Founded in 1990, the company bases its prestige in terms of competence, technicality and professionalism on an inestimable experience because it has been an active part in the national goldsmiths' laboratories. F.lli Pelusi is also involved in the trade of the entire line of equipment, tools and machinery for the processing of precious metals and the design of machinery indispensable for the artisan activity of the goldsmith and of the the most classic shops.


Established in 1992, OROTIG S.r.l. is today a world leader in the development and production of LASER technology used in jewellery, dental and industrial sectors.
OROTIG offers a broad range of high quality LASERs, specifically devised to meet the demands of companies seeking such innovative and advanced technology.
Thanks to a combination of knowledge acquired through the company's close cooperation with its own customers, and the professional experience built up perfected over many years of Research & Development, OROTIG offers not only avant-garde technology, but also genuine Production Solutions.


PCube is a 3D technology provider to develop and personalize jewelry.
The CAD software for jewelry design is now essential for jewelry manufacturers and laboratories is becoming increasingly important for retailers. From a 3D CAD file, by the Keyshot software it is easy then to obtain extraordinary realistic images of the jewel to create virtual catalogs. PCube also offers professional 3D printers, Carima and UVITAL, to obtain accurate models from the 3D geometries. PCube present at the fair the compact and easy-to-use U-MARQ engraving machines for customizing the finished jewel directly at the point of sale.


“TIBALDI SNC di TIBALDI PAOLO & C.” is located in Valenza Po, Alessandria province, in Piemonte region in the North West of Italy.
During years the consistent commitment in the research and development of new products and of the production processing allow the company to expand its products in Italy as well as to the international markets. The products include a wide range of goldsmith’s high quality equipements and machineries, with great attention to the customized business, with particular and unique projects that can meet the specific requests of their customers.

CPV - Technical partner

The Veneto Center for Productivity Foundation (CPV) is a center for training and innovation that develops activities for young people, entrepreneurs, employees of companies, professionals and all those who want to increase their skills throughout life. The CPV is engaged in numerous activities aimed at the growth of companies and people who animate or who will animate it by investing in their training. All economic operators can find in the CPV a response to continuous improvement thanks to the activities it offers: training courses, consulting services on innovation for companies and professionals, New Business Service, Networking, Services for International Mobility and International Projects.

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