The Design Room

The Design Room is an exclusive area inside ICON district at Pavillion7 of VICENZAORO dedicated to experimentation in contemporary jewellery. Designers from around the world will present innovative works; unique pieces to be worn and desired.
The exhibitors presented at The Design Room share the unique ability to translate their vision of reality through personal aesthetics, using refined combinations of gemstones, and curious minimal geometries as expressions of strength and elegance. The Design Room will be the place where to discover the new market trends and to find exclusive and original pieces.


Lefteris Margaritis brand, is offering luxury jewelry creations, working exclusively with 18kt gold, diamond & precious stones, is developing objects of authentic beauty and timeless value.
Involved in all aspects of jewelry manufacturing, he draws inspiration from everything around, but mainly he is influenced by ancient Greek geometry and minimal architectural lines as well as Byzantine soft shapes and quiet radiance.
Those jewels are whimsical pieces, designed for the bold, modern, unconventional women, who seek for the elegant simplicity of the everyday. Each creation reveals designer vision: Deep search of cultured elegance and not just beautifulness: the timeless and not the ephemeral.


The Alessa Jewelry brand was generated by a labour of love, when young couple Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles met and studied together at the Gemological Institute of America. In 2009, synergy and creativity merged to create Alessa Jewelry: a modern, vibrant, contemporary and edgy fine jewelry brand. The Brand collection pieces are masterfully designed and crafted with close attention to detail, utilizing hand selected precious stones and raw materials from around the world. Alessa combines technical mastery to create original, timeless designs, like “Amara Collection”, “Paradise Collection” or “Clique Collection”.


The ALESSIO BOSCHI Jewelry Brand is characterized by a very strong Italian “know-how” where proportions, volumes, multi-functionality and movements come together with color combinations to reveal the unique characteristics of Alessio Boschi designs. The Jewelry merges the world’s best possible hands and craftsmanship for a precious journey of unexpected details; the style travels thorough different countries, cultures and excellences worldwide and reveals the soul of each creation with their stories behind and inspirations. The two forces that move ALESSIO BOSCHI imaginative world are an unleashed desire of expression and a huge ambition. The aim of each creation is to suggest emotions, with the help of tridimensional volumes where the reflection of the light accentuates the curves and the glamour of sparkling gemstones.


Carmen Aoun has combined the passion and studies of gemology and jewelry design with the charm and inspiration of nature, architecture, geometry and modern art, to give life to Cédille, her collection of jewels launched in 2010. The name Cédille ‘ç’ is a hook that accessorizes the letter, just like the pieces of jewelry accessorize a woman. Cédille collections are made exclusively of diamonds, pearls, precious stones, and 18ct gold in white, yellow and pink colors. These collections are marked by their craftsmanship and unique pieces, as well as being very refined and extremely well finished with plenty of elegance. In her atelier, she is able to transform each jewel into a creative and mesmerizing piece of art, and her works are marked with originality, refinement, modernity, luxury, and elegance.


Founded in 1997, the Eclats Jewelry is a Thailand based jewelry and manufacture company. The word ‘Eclat’ originates from a French word that means a burst of light or a brilliant display, both of which reflects the quality, aesthetics and beauty of our products. Each piece produced by us tells a whimsical narrative and adventure in a dazzling combination of gemstones. The resulting product is a bold collection of a one-of-a-kind jewelry that is not only mesmerizing but timeless. 
In ECLAT, elegance and design are as important as the quality of gem stones used to imbue each one-of-a-kind piece. We design and create our jewelry from the drawing board, up until the very last polish before distributing them to our clients. By sourcing the rarest and most precious stones available on the market to meet our consumer needs, we let our gem stones tell their own story and allow them to dictate the design of the overall piece in order to best capture their beauty and uniqueness.


Lydia Courteille, scientist, collector, gemmologist and traveller, but at heart an antique jewellery dealer, Lydia Courteille started to create jewelry since 1998, conjuring up more than fifty collections so that she could share her passions, knowledge and creativity with her clients.
A free spirit, her humour and audacity knows no limits; provocation is never far away from her extraordinary imagination. Mysterious symbols, archaeology from the distant past, flora and fauna are all part of her intoxicating mix. Her jewels are nevertheless wearable and her parures noble in style.
To enter Lydia Courteille’s curiosity cabinet is to take a journey of discovery into the world of conversation jewellery with stories to tell. Two steps from the Place Vendome in rue Saint Honoré lies a small shop teeming with curiosities, a place where collectors worldwide, experts and amateurs together, gather to discover Lydia Courteille’s world of rarities - of modern and antique jewellery. Here, flamboyant creativity meets the unusual and the rarest of gemstones.


Marie Mas is an innovative fine jewelry brand. Formerly jewelry designer for Christian Dior in Paris, Marie Cabirou created her brand in 2017. Her exquise creations come to life and change color with body movements. The precious stones are set back to back and, as if by magic, an ingenious mechanism allows the gems to rotate and switch color in a balletic domino effect. Crafted in 18 karat gold, her collections are nothing less than a pioneering technical feat. Expert craftsmanship meets innovation to create the most incredible jewelry pieces.


The jewellery signed “Mattia Cielo” has always turned heads because of its essential shapes, combining creative design and engineering expertise, breathing life into ornaments that are apparently simple, but reveal a deep awareness of the precious materials and some of the most technological research in the field.
At Vicenzaoro Mattia Cielo exhibits the so often imitated but never equalled Rugiada what is, and will doubtless remain the signature collection, in order to state the uniqueness and originality that are the birthright of these undisputed bestsellers, which continue to grow with new variants: in pink, yellow, white gold- with diamonds and coloured stones. Spirals that wrap with supple softness around the wrist when worn and then return to their original shape. There will also be other designer collections: Ghiaccio, Pavone, Sole, Universo, as well as the memorable Masterpieces that have driven the brand to international success.


Sicis Jewels, creates collections of jewelry, which have as their exclusive feature the ability to use micromosaic, along with precious stones and gold.
The micromosaic jewels embody a mixture of ancient traditions and modernity thanks to the use of this antique technique in a modern way. During the golden age of micromosaic, the eighteenth century, these marvelous pieces adorned the necks of nobles and princesses. Some of these pieces can now be found in the Vatican Museums, at the V&A Museum in London, at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. 
In Ravenna, today, artists of the micromosaic hand wheel Venetian glass obtained by fusing together, at high temperatures, 9 mothers of color, creating infinite combinations of colors and shades. The yarns are then cut into thousands of pieces that are laid one by one, obtaining wonderful objects.


Tomasz Donocik creates contemporary fine Jewellery that sets you apart from the crowd. At the cutting edge of British jewellery design and craftsmanship, Tomasz Donocik continually challenges preconceptions of self-adornment. The Brand His bold, contrasting and androgynous designs blur boundaries between art, fashion and jewellery and between masculinity and femininity, and inject new meaning and form into the discipline. By inventing unique signature details, combining unconventional materials, and playfully reimagining the way jewellery is worn, Tomasz Donocik’s creations are for those who dare to be different.


Innovative, revolutionary, unique and diuerent. YEPREM’s timeless value emerges from a well-grounded history and expertise in Jewellery craftsmanship. YEPREM’s products are a blend of creativity and refinement, which aim at enriching the individual expression of influential women all over the world.
By ouering intricate Jewellery pieces at the very top, YEPREM’s creations are a woman’s lifetime companion evoking at once her vibrant personality and feminine sensuality. Created by the combination of precious materials for a glamourous and exquisite style, it set the trend of the innovation of jewelry that radiates classic elegance with a hint of modern magnificence. Each piece is made with moving style and dexterity so that the jewelry is comfortable and pliable.

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