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September 06/07/2017


The famous jewellery designer and creator presents a new collection in the name of social responsibility with a touch of superstition

Over the years, Roberto Coin, the famous jewellery designer and creator and owner of the homonymous jewellery brand, has also made a name for himself through his activities in campaigning for social responsibility and ethics among gold and jewellery companies - as winning the International Palladio Award as the best brand for Corporate Social Responsibility in the industry goes to show. As one of the founders of the World Diamond Council, which represents diamond producers and is the main interlocutor at the United Nations for certifying that the stones come from conflict-free zones,Roberto Coin has made the concept of “responsible luxury” one of his company's main objectives. All the diamonds used in the brand's collections are certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which guarantees that they come from conflict-free zones (every item's guarantee and invoice contains a few lines about certification of origin).

The production chain is transparent from South Africa or Eastern Europe to the workshops in Vicenza where Coin's ideas take shape under the skilful hands of highly professional master craftsmen. Besides sustainability and social responsibility, Roberto Coin also aims at the ability to surprise. The latest Sauvage Privé collection is no exception: two souls, one geometric and the other more exuberant, that unite in a line devised for the woman of the future. Each item in this collection bears Coin's customary signature - a small ruby touching the skin. This trademark is inspired by an ancient Egyptian belief according to which wearing a ruby ensures health, happiness and a long life.

Alongside the four Cs (Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut) that determine the value of a diamond, Coin jewellery has added a fifth: the C of Consciousness, a (clean) conscience. Jewellery that donates a dream (responsible).

September 06/07/2017


Jewellery designers are experimenting more and more with new or everyday materials, less noble and valuable, giving them unprecedented uses and a new life in jewellery.

This is the case, for example, of aluminium, a material that is hard to imagine on display in the windows of famous jeweller's. However, this highly resistant material holds enormous surprises in terms of its malleability, which allows it to be used to create innovative and complex items with elegant designs. Jewellery made of light titanium is also extraordinary and, despite being hard to work because of  its extremely high fusion, its incredible lightness has led it to become one of the most loved “alternative” materials. It requires expert hands and outstanding professionalism but the results are worth it. Copper, with its contrasts that produce incredible jewellery, is also a favourite among the latest generation of high jewellers. Lastly, crystal, whose use in the gold and jewellery field has been consolidated for some time now due to its lightness and transparency. This mineral, characterized by a geometrically regular and infinitely repeated structure, is now being used as a base on which to mount precious stones.

Besides platinum, gold and silver, jewellers have a multitude of materials, some of which still to be experimented, with which to give free rein to creativity and innovation with a preference for re-usage and recycling in order to satisfy younger and more evolved customers who pay close attention to eco-sustainability issues. Innovative and green jewellery.

September 06/07/2017


2017 is the year of eco-tourism consecration, of spotlighting nature, of sustainability and ethics.

A trend also followed by Pantone, the American company specialized in cataloguing colours, which, for this year, has chosen Greenery: fresh, revitalizing tones, the symbol of change, positivity and regeneration. An airy and oxygenizing colour, able to bring people closer to the beauty and purity of nature, evoking meadows, leafy shoots and outdoor spaces. Besides being a symbol of change and rebirth, Greenery is also an invitation to ecology, to environmentalism and sustainability. In order to select the colour of the year, the institute constantly monitors and analyses industrialized market trends. However, the public's growing attention - especially the younger and more evolved generations - to environmental and sustainability themes, to which the colour green has been associated since the 1960s, played a significant part in electing Greenery as colour of the year.

An authentic green revolution is underway contaminating every creativity sector, from fashion to jewellery, from design to cosmetics, placing “beautiful” next to “good”.  Sustainability built on social justice and traceability, from the raw material to the finished product, natural materials, handcrafted processes, recycling and re-usage. The luxury industry is adjusting to making sustainability, respect for the environment and social responsibility its own calling. Green is becoming more and more glam and is not only good for the environment but also for business.

September 12/06/2017


The three winners will be announced on 22nd September, the evening before the VICENZAORO September 2017 opening. The creations of all the finalists will be on display at Vicenza's Museo del Gioiello

The names of the 22 finalists of the international "Next Jeneration - Jewellery Talent Contest" specifically for under-30 talentshave been announced and their creations will be on display at an Exhibition dedicated to "Jewellery and Function", the theme of the 2017 competition, which will open in Vicenza during the next VICENZAORO September, scheduled to take place from 23rd to 27th September.

The works of these future jewellery industry talents will be hosted inside the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza at the Museo del Gioiello, the jewellery museum under the directorship of Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design at Milan Polytechnic and Italy's leading scholar within the sector.

The finalists were selected by an illustrious Jury and come from nine different countries: France, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, China, Israel and Norway.


1. Antoine Cousin with Merken,
2. Yulara Casadei with Twi(re)st,
3. Agostina Issolio with Bubble Ring,
4. Franziska Hoehne with Identity,
5. Federica Giuseffi with Avvolgimi,
6. Sofia Silvestri with Silence,
7. Cristina Fava with Rifletti-ti,
8. Marta Siccardi with Bibi,
9. Maria Enrica Barbieri with Bracciale Porta Borsa,
10. Jesus Ricardo Peiro Chucuan with Little,
11. Carlotta Di Cerbo with Transformer,
12. Rofhima Molaudzi with Head-Ease,
13. Themba Mantshiyo with The Last Cigarette,
14. Marco di Biagio with OMG,
15. Pamela Cecilia Martello Arana with Reflections of the reality,
16. Isotta Scarpa with Peel Ring,
17. Sara Meneghelli with Elipso,
18. Jian Yang with Contact Lens Case,
19. Francesca Di Sabatino with Wearingkey,
20. Ekaterina Rabey with The Ice Breaker,
21. Wang Qi with Bracelet to walk dog,
22. Kari Ramstad Fjeld with Beequiet.

September 06/07/2017


From Valenza, Palmiero jewellery has conquered the world with a perfect balance between tradition and innovation

For over thirty years, Carlo Palmiero, founder of the Palmiero Jewellery Design brand, has represented top quality artistic leadership in the high jewellery sector with a style that perfectly blends the past and present, tradition and creativity. His passion for jewellery originates from his fascination for the great Valenza artisan tradition and he therefore chose to focus his production at Valenza, maintaining the craftsmanship but adding a touch of innovation, and carry the name of “his” city into the world with pride.    

By going against the current and modifying the standards of classical jewellery, Palmiero immediately shifted attention from the centre to the entire object, opening up shapes and extending attention to the entire surface of the jewellery item. His creations are unique and inimitable objects characterized by a studied, plastic and unmistakable style. Palmiero's collections originate from a jewellery tradition that, for years, only produced a few specimens of the same model and was fully focussed on the precious stones, diverse and unique in their purity, quality, chromatic variety and cut. In the new collection “I gioielli nati dai sogni” (Jewellery born from dreams), Carlo Palmiero becomes the interpreter of dreams in shapes that recall nature but that do not exist in nature and, through the jewellery, he manages to give concrete form to the ethereal and dream-like charm of these visions.

September 04/07/2017



“ Green Jewellery” is the theme of the new edition of VICENZAORO, top player in Europe in the goldsmith-jewellery field.
Over 1,500 worldwide and trend-setter brands will be exhibited at the Show.

The International Jewellery Exhibition VICENZAORO announces the new September 2017 edition, that will start from Saturday 23 September with a rich calendar of novelties and appointments.

Following the 2017 leading theme, linked to the Corporate Social Responsibility in the goldsmith and jewellery sector, the fil rouge also for VICENZAORO September 2017 will be “Green Jewellery”, the corporate responsibility and the sourcing policies of all the materials employed in the field. IEG thus renews its commitment to stand up for significant issues in support of traceability, ethical trade, environmental protection, safeguard of the right-duty to work and of the health and safety in the jewellery chain.

VICENZAORO September 2017 confirms its international scope by involving over 1,500 brands of exhibiting firms coming from 36 countries of all over the world and from the main Italian goldsmith areas, as well as visitors, buyers, journalists, opinion leaders and trendsetters of the foreign key markets.

Thanks to the support of ICE (the agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of the Italian firms), VICENZAORO will host 500 choice buyers coming from the main reference markets and also a delegation of 150 Italian retailers by Federpreziosi, the National Federation of goldsmith, jewellery, silversmith and clockmaker firms. In addition, over 800 Gold Buyers, chosen among the top players of the European and International market will benefit from exclusive services devoted to them during the Show.

VICENZAORO September 2016

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