3—7 September


Las Vegas 01/06/2016


Fiera di Vicenza will feature its presence at the JCK Show Las Vegas with more than 120 top Italian brands exhibiting their prestigious collections inside its VICENZAORO Italian Passion, Made with Love pavilion, an international format created to showcase the quality, craftsmanship, creativity and values of Made in Italy jewellery.

Fiera di Vicenza’s VICENZAORO, the prestigious trade show brand dedicated to the world of gold and jewellery manufacture, once again confirms its leading position in the promotion of Made in Italy at North America’s leading jewellery trade event, which also is one of the most important worldwide.

For the Italian jewellery and luxury goods industries, the JCK Show Las Vegas is a well-established and uniquely effective platform, with the United States continuing to be one of its main export markets. In 2015 Italian jewellery exports to the U.S. market equalled 570 million euros, 13.5% more than the amount reported a year earlier (Source: Istat).

Inside its pavilion at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino exhibition centre, VICENZAORO Italian Passion, Made with Love, will offer Italian businesses the opportunity to show off their talents, innovation, design and craftsmanship, to a public of more than 23,000 professionals in the jewellery and watchmaking industries, hailing from over 40 countries, including the United States, India, and Russia. Fiera di Vicenza will be represented at Booth S10112, located at the entrance to the pavilion, nearby the prestigious “Plumb Club.”

September 11/09/2015


VICENZAORO September 2015 was attended by more than 20,000 people, 14% more than the number of attendees in 2014.

The VICENZAORO September show was declared a resounding success by exhibitors, buyers, and visitors alike. A contributing factor was the features added to the VICENZAORO The Boutique Show exhibition format, now in its second edition. The innovative format, which was introduced by Fiera di Vicenza for the first time at VICENZAORO January earlier this year, involves placing exhibitors into one of six communities, each of which gathers together companies that are the same or similar, based on their reference values, positioning, organisational systems, types of production and overall image. The newly developed layout was credited for having increased the number of business opportunities at the show and improving exhibitors’ visibility.


The general good mood of participants was confirmed by the physical data. The number of buyers was up by 14% compared to 2014, with more than 20,000 visitors attending the show. They were able to browse new products and featurespresented by more than 1,300 exhibiting brands, from all of Italy’s gold districts and 30 different countries, located in nine pavilions at Fiera di Vicenza, covering a net area of 29,000 square meters. Some 40% of the visitors were foreign, arriving in Vicenzafrom 121 countries, attesting to VICENZAORO’S international appeal, as well as strong demand for “Made in Italy” jewellery. Some 11,548 visits of Italians were recorded, pointing to a possible recovery of the domestic market.

September 07/09/2015


Fiera Di Vicenza and Federpreziosi have renewed their agreement supporting the Italian gold and jewellery industry
This agreement will boost professional training and growth in the industry. Federpreziosi Confcommercio recognises Fiera di Vicenza as exclusive Italian trade fair partner.

Fiera di Vicenza, world leader in the organisation of Jewellery trade shows and events, and Federpreziosi Confcommercio (Italian Federation of Jewellery, Gold and Watchmaking businesses) – Imprese per l’Italia, have consolidated their partnership in support of Italy’s gold and jewellery industry. The renewed memorandum of understanding between the two was announced today, 7 September, on the occasion of VICENZAORO September 2015, the event organised by Fiera di Vicenza, which continues through to 9 September.

The agreement between Fiera di Vicenza and Federpreziosi includes the promotion and support of new initiatives for professional training and refresher courses at the area headquarters of Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia, on such subjects as general business management, with a special focus on standards, taxation, retailing and communication, but it will also deal with factors linked to gem culture. Fiera di Vicenza will provide other opportunities for training, education, promotion, communication and information, via its own network of exhibitors and information channels.

Federpreziosi recognises Fiera di Vicenza as its exclusive trade fair partner in Italy, undertaking to provide logistic and organisational support for involving delegations of businesses and traders on the occasion of events organised by Fiera di Vicenza. Through this agreement, members of Federpreziosi will benefit from special offers for participating in VICENZAORO events.

September 07/09/2015

WJA female creativity

WJA, female creativity. The prestigious Women’s Jewellery Association board met the members on Saturday.

A meeting to introduce the new President, the Board and the updated website. And to get to know each other better and help those starting to take their first steps in the jewellery world, who need all the support they can get. This was the aim of the meeting which took place on Saturday between members of the WJA , the Women's Jewelry Association Italy, the Italian chapter of the network founded in the United States. Established in Italy in 2010, the aim is to promote Italian female creativity and entrepreneurship in the world of jewellery and further enrich and develop profes- sionalism through networking activities, courses, seminars and workshops. The new President, Professor Alba Cappellieri, also illustrated the new board's philosophy: the various areas along the production supply chain are to be represented by top class professional figures so that all the associates can be offered targeted counselling and networking activities. A further new entry that is worth mentioning is the presence of territorial delegations to represent the main Italian productive poles, thus confirming just how widespread the association is. The new Board comprises: Alba Cappellieri, Vice President (delegated to Marketing ) Pilar Coin, Past President (delegated to production) Licia Mattioli, Treasurer/Secretary Alessandra Agrò, Distribution and Retail Silvia Meani, Internationalisation Francoise Izaude, Communication and Media Sonia Benigni, Fairs and Events Patrizia Rovaris, Institutional Relations Irene Pivetti.

September 07/09/2015


This agreement includes coordinating the calendar of events for the gold industry put in place by the two trade show organisers in Italy and internationally.

Fiera di Vicenza, organiser of VICENZAORO, leading Business Hub for the Jewellery industry in Italy and worldwide, and Tarì, Gold Centre in Marcianise (Caserta), point of reference for the industry, especially in Southern Italy, have signed an agreement to coordinate their Trade Show calendars with the aim of supporting the Italian gold industry. The agreement was signed today, 7 September 2015, at VICENZAORO September, by Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza, and Vincenzo Giannotti, President of Tarì.

Fiera di Vicenza and Tarì  intend to harness the benefits of their shared expertise and consolidated experience to create a coordinated programme of events for the promotion of businesses that manufacture and retail gold jewellery, aiming to increase the business opportunities for the industry at national and international levels.

Following this agreement, Tarì will promote the events organised by Fiera di Vicenza in Italy and abroad, to national and international professionals and also its own members. These events are: VICENZAORO January and VICENZAORO September in Vicenza, VICENZAORO Dubai in the UAE and also the VICENZAORO brand at the world’s most important trade events, such as JCK in Las Vegas.

Fiera di Vicenza, will develop a system to coordinate the calendar of gold events at national and international levels, including, as well as the VICENZAORO events, the three trade shows organised at Tarì. Fiera di Vicenza will also devise solutions to boost international recognition by clients of the Italian local production systems, as part of their events organised in Italy and other countries.

September 06/09/2015


The red carpet of international jewellery at the awards promoted by Fiera di Vicenza

The Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards 2015 are given in recognition of excellence in this premium international sector, as chosen by an exceptional jury, consisting of the most prestigious ambassadors in the gold and jewellery industry: Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Silvana Annichiarico, Director of the Triennale Design Museum, Clare Phillips, Curator of the Department of Sculpture, Metalwork, Ceramics & Glass at the Victoria & Albert Museum–London, and Franco Cologni, President of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte.


The winners of this fourth edition, divided according to the competing categories, were:

  • The Best Italian Jewellery designer to Giampiero Bodino
  • The Best International Jewellery designer to Shaun Leane
  • The Best Italian Jewellery Brand Collection 2014/2015 to Vhernier
  • The Best International Jewellery Brand Collection 2014/2015 to Etho Maria
  • The Best Jewellery Communication Campaign 2014/2015 to Tiffany & Co.
  • The Best Jewellery Flagship Store 2014/2015 to Van Cleef & Arpels
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award to Enzo Liverino 1894
  • Jewellery Corporate Social Responsibility Award to Pandora
  • The Best Jewellery Communication New Media 2014/215 to BVLGARI


The ceremony was attended by the industry’s top players, the President of Fiera di Vicenza, Matteo Marzotto, and the Managing Director, Corrado Facco, with special guest, Minister for Mining and Mine Development in Zimbabwe HON. W. K. Chidakwa.

September 05/09/2015


The winners of the Next Jeneration Jewellery Talent Contest, “Un gioiello per la Pace – Jewellery for Peace” have been awarded.

It was the fourth edition of a competition dedicated to young designers, under the age of 30, and organised by Fiera di Vicenza in conjunction with the Design Faculty of the Polytechnic University, Milan. The finalists and winners were selectedby a panel of experts, who had the task of judging designs from more than 155 international entries.

1st Prize – Maria Antonia Cantarero "Sew Peace".


Sew Peace is a precious button that can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender. As a jewellery item, it represents peace that is not possible without a firm commitment and constant hard work. The circle becomes the symbol of a world that is not unified – a disjointed reality where, only by sewing the button, is a symbol of peace created. It is an ethical piece of jewellery for any occasion, which replaces the classical button, or can be sewn as a brooch onto a garment.


2nd Prize – Laura Lanaro with "Utopia".


A bracelet born of the desire to give a shape to the concept of peace, understood as freedom. Every type of cultural, religious or political imposition imprisons the individual’s mind, which is unable to express itself. It is from this symbolic prison that “Utopia” suggests one escapes. Two lone bars, which appear to have been forced open, imply that someone has managed to free themselves from the “arms” around them, making a step forward towards peace. The person who wears this piece shows a desire to be the protagonist of this escape.


3rd Prize – Lisa Contini with "Frammenti d’unione" and Simon Bichet with “PREC[AR]IOUS PEACE”.


Lisa Contini: “Argue as much as you want, throw dishes at one another, but never go to sleep on an argument”. The concept is represented by a dish, white and immaculate like a symbol of peace, but this peace has been broken. How can it be put back together? This is done using the Japanese technique known as kintsugi, where cracks are filled with a gold-based glue. Peace is not the finishing line; it requires an on-going commitment, where it continuously sought until it becomes a shared goal.

Simon Bichet: “I tried to transfer the idea of the fragility of peace and the importance of balance to achieve it, with textures that become an ornament on gold bracelets”.

September 05/09/2015


Through the agreement, Fiera di Vicenza and WDM will work to sustain and improve image and consumer confidence for diamond and diamond jewellery.

The Fiera di Vicenza, Europe’s leading jewellery trade fair organizer, and the World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM), a non-for-profit organisation established in 2012 by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), secured a collaboration in the realm of diamond and diamond jewellery promotion and marketing. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed today during the international press conference of VICENZAORO, the international Trade Show organized by Fiera di Vicenza.

Through the agreement, Fiera di Vicenza and WDM will work to sustain and improve image and consumer confidence for diamond and diamond jewellery. The partnership aims particularly to enhance business opportunities of WDM Authorised Diamond Dealerships (ADDs”) and to establishing VICENZAORO as the major European platform for the promotion and the trade of diamond and precious stone.

Thanks to the agreement, Fiera di Vicenza becomes a World Diamond Mark strategic partner, promoting the WDM Authorized Diamond Dealer (ADD) network, its activities and events during the Trade Show organized by the Italian Company in Italy and abroad. Fiera di Vicenza will also participate in further WDM events such as Diamond Exhibition and WDM Conference. Furthermore, it will use its global influence to promote the fund-raising for WDM promotional campaigns and events.


VICENZAORO The Boutique Show: Gold Alchemy